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Clothing Wholesale Supplier Turkey

Clothing wholesale supplier Turkey | dealers who want to import cheap clothes with a good quality and think about turkey as a source this website is good!

We always update our collection (men’s wear women’s wear) on weekly basis.

Istanbul Wholesale Clothing Market

As Nickel & Dimes we are exclusively working on wholesale base.

We are handling with many clothing suppliers to ensure diversity of client’s request considering low price and good quality.

(Sweater- Pajamas-Coats- Turkish leather coats-Sports and Casual clothes) all made in turkey.

Clothes wholesalers who are looking for Turkish wear’s distributor without difficulties of traveling and efforts of searching for good price / reliable business relations can reach us via our website.

Wholesale Turkey Clothes

Now you can save your efforts, money and all the troubles you have faced before in your business trip to Turkey.

Sailing in our site is interesting and the prices are cheap.

70% of our collection prices are under 5 dollars!

Clothing Wholesale Supplier Turkey

Online shopping store is opened 24hours/365days,now you can prepare your order at your convenience.

Prices in our Store

Our prices are attractive for wholesalers worldwide with a good quality for material, wide collection.

Good to mention that prices of items started with 2 dollars for t.shirts and blouses up-to 10 dollars.

Dresses from 5 dollars up to 12 dollars, Pajamas from 4 dollars to 12, Jeans from 6 dollars to 12$ , Tights from 2$ to 4$.

For more details, every single model indicate the price, selling quantity, sizes.

Our products renewed 2-3 times a month and removed after 2-3 months from our displaying list to keep our collection wide.

As for payment method We accept only payment in advance, please check more details in our  buying guide section.

If you have any further query please get in touch.

Have a Nice shopping!

Clothing Wholesale Supplier Turkey

Import Clothes From Turkey

Clothing Wholesale Supplier Turkey
Clothing Wholesale Supplier Turkey