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Turkish Clothing

We display Turkish Clothing for men & women’s in 2 sections.

To satisfy all the tastes, we deal with many suppliers in Istanbul markets.

Istanbul Wholesale Clothing Market

Every single item has a different code / selling quantity

Some items has 4 sizes & 5 - 6 -8 , some has standard size.

We work on a wholesale basis only

To estimate shipping expenses we must know the quantity you need.

We do the best to offer cheapest prices & most beautiful designs

60% of our collection are under 5 dollars

You can control prices limits though the price filter option.

Turkish Clothing Prices Average

T.shirts from 3$ to 7$

Blouses from 4$ to 8$

Sleeping and sports wear from 4$ to 14$

Coats from 12$ to 20$

Jeans from 5$ to 15$

Selling Quantity

Depending on prices, selling quantity vary as the following:

Items under 5 dollars ------  selling quantity 100 pieces

5 to 10 dollars ------  selling quantity 50 pieces

10 to 15 dollars ------  selling quantity 40 pieces

15 to 20 dollars ------  selling quantity 20 pieces

20 to 25 dollars ------  selling quantity 12 pieces

Items up 25 dollars ------  selling quantity is one serie.

We combine orders depending on models we have in accordance with client request.

No need to determine the sizes

Selling in a wholesale basis is conditioned with all sizes we have.

How to Import Turkish Clothing

Client must cover all shipping cost and do clearance works.

Some shipping companies provide clearance on behalf of client against extra small fees

then deliver the order till the address.

We accept payment in advance only.

About Nickel & Dimes Website

Our website simplify difficulties that dealers face when they import clothes!

Easily & remotely they can find what are looking for here because business travel

run quickly with small benefits / high expenses and tremendous efforts!