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Turkish Famous Clothes Brands

Turkish Famous Clothes Brands | MAVI

Turkish Famous Clothes Brands

MAVI Retail Clothing Company in Turkey

MAVI sold more than 7.5 million pieces in 2016 through its 392 branches in Turkey and abroad

The retail sales policy started at MAVI in 2008 and registered exceptional growth through its professional team “3,340 employee”

High quality and affordable prices has played a major role in the development of company’s activity.

Mavi took the lead in producing Turkish Jeans in 2016

MAVI global marketing plan is targeting United States – Canada – Europe – Germany – and has 61 branches around the world.

Turkish Famous Clothes Brands

In summary, the following are the most prominent MAVI commercial stations since 1991

1991 MAVI has started in Istanbul – Turkey

1996 MAVI has opened its branches in Europe and USA

1997 Mavi collaborated with the global designer Adriano Goldschmied

2002 MAVI get 1st rank in clothes field in Turkey and proven to be internationally recognized

2003 MAVI is opened its branches in New York – Vancouver – Berlin – Frankfurt

2008 MAVI Started retail selling policy for men’s , women’s and kid’s wear after it relied on Jeans wholesale policy.

Turkish Famous Clothes Brands

MAVI After 2010

2012 the Global fashion model Adriana Lima became the first face of MAVI commercials

2012 Sports Wear magazine considered MAVI as the best foreign brand in Germany

2013 Mavi Gold created by Hussein Chalayan

2014 World fashion model Barbara Palvin has become a trademark of MAVI advertisements

2014 MAVI published Online

2016 25th Anniversary of the founding MAVI

2017 was the entry of MAVI to stock markets in Istanbul

MAVI Today

Turkish Famous Clothes Brands

  • MAVI has 3.3 million followers worldwide via social networking platforms
  • Considered the first youth brand in Turkey
  • More than 320 branches in the most important cities such like Moscow – Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Montreal
  • The most famous celebrities who bought the clothes of Mavi Kate Winslet – Chelsea Clinton, the thing gave a positive impact on their sales “increesed 50%”
  • Finally, Mavi in turkish means “blue”
  • Factory location of MAVI in Turkey, Tekirdag

Turkish Famous Clothes Brands

MAVI started as a jeans brand then became for men, women, kids clothes and accessories.


Turkish Famous Clothes Brands | IPEKYOL

Turkish Famous Clothes Brands

IPEKYOL Established in Istanbul 1986.

1st store was opened in 1989 Nishantishi as one of the leading clothing brands targeting wealthy clients.

IPEKYOL currently has shops in seven countries in the Middle East (Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar)

Most of IPEKYOL shops are allocated at the forefront of shopping mall centers.

The number of stores in Turkey 142 outlets

Turkish Famous Clothes Brands

Started with the production of women’s clothing then extended to accessories, shoes and jeans, (women’s wear ONLY)

IPEKYOL prices are relatively high compared to other Turkish clothing brands.

the Company has online shopping website launched in 2016

IPEKYOL means the Silk Road and also depends on silk in the manufacture of its products

Currently IPEKYOL Center located in Sisli – Istanbul with a capacity area of ​​10.200 square meters

Turkish Famous Clothes Brands

IPEKYOL Franchise System

Investors who like franchise for IPEKYOL must follow certain criteria published by the IPEKYOL

based on their experience in clothing field. These standards are:

  • Store capacity must be 180 square meters at least plus 10% warehouse area, totaling 198m2 “at least”
  • Store location in city center or to be in a large shopping mall center “high traffic”
  • Decoration drew, designed, applied by IPEKYOL and covered financially by investor.
  • The investor obliged to place an order at least 80% of IPEKYOL products and must displayed in his outlet.

Turkish Famous Clothes Brands

  • Mono-brand policy is essential.
  • For marketing expenditures, the budget allocated by the Franchise and agreed between the parties in line with the business plan then formed by the Franchise Domain.
  • IPEKYOL franchise right granted for 3 years at least. At the end of 3 years, the franchise field’s performance considered and the exclusive authority reassessed.

Turkish Famous Clothes Brands

For more information please contact the management through IPEKYOL official website or you can get in touch with us for help.


Clothes Brands Turkey

Turkish Brands Clothes

Turkish Brands Clothes | KOTON

turkish brands clothes

Famous clothes brand in Turkey for retail selling creating its designs by adding touches to international designs!

KOTON started in 1988 and launched from Istanbul for men’s and women’s clothing

1996 opened the first shop outside Turkey in Germany – Munich

1999 began with the franchise system abroad

2001 began to expand its own team to create designs and expand its products then opened the first store multi-departmental tasks.

2002 KOTON opened first stores in the Middle East, Russia and Balkans.

2005 The number of KOTON boutiques reached to 100 outlets in Turkey and 39 outside Turkey

2009 get rank No. 26 as the best Turkish brands in general and rated 2nd as the best clothing brand according to the famous Turkish business magazine “Capital”

turkish brands clothes

KOTON After 2010

2010 KOTON Radio Station is established to broadcast in all stores and branches.

2011 swimwear line is set as a new product in KOTON Stores in addition to kid’s wear and big size.

2012 KOTON brand was selected as the best brand for women’s fashion in Turkey according to the classification of business magazine “Capital”

2014 get rank at the top of the list of Turkish brands.

2015 Make-up line released in KOTON shops for more than 150 products and also selected as the most reliable women’s brands in Turkey

2016 KOTON launched an e-shopping site with more than 40 million visitors / first year.

KOTON’s future plan is KOTON Jeans / KOTON Kids.

In Romania, 16 stores were opened in addition other outlet in France Paris, Croatia, Morocco and Germany.

turkish brands clothes

KOTON & Numbers

Today, KOTON has 480 stores, 290 shops in Turkey, 190 shops around the world, plus 800 points of sale

KOTON seeks to be the fastest and most famous clothing brand in Turkey in 2023 through its innovations of beautiful designs and attractive prices through a dedicated team of 220 professional designers with 10,000 employees and more than 30,000 different models annually.

KOTON Franchise Terms

turkish brands clothes

For investors who may interested in opening  KOTON branch, The following are the conditions:

  • Store location in city center or large shopping mall center.
  • Store capacity must be a minimum 1500 square meters in addition to a warehouse space
  • Storefront is at least 30 meters
  • The ceiling height is at least 3 meters
  • To be suitable for KOTON Identity without any modifications or additions by the investor
  • Experience in the field of clothing and management of this type of business
  • The investor must be able to continue and establish a strong team
  • The investor must have a strong financial structure
  • Concerning Decoration costs…

The cost per square meter of KOTON shop:

turkish brands clothes


  • 620$ in Turkey / 800$ outside Turkey (hangers, mannequins, information processing system and etc.) are not included.
  • Stock value determined in accordance with the product cycle speed, size of the investment and the special conditions of the location.
  • A letter of guarantee from the bank confirming the investor’s strong financial solvency
  • The time factor also takes a role in the acceptance of KOTON, the period determined by KOTON in investment contract.


Turkish Brands Clothes | LTB

turkish brands clothes

A well-known clothing brand in Turkey started in 1948 Eskisehir.

Established by Cak Group and dealing in textile, exclusively for Jeans wear.

The company has branches and stores throughout the world in 71 countries including:

Germany, Netherlands, Albania, Algeria, Belarus,Jordan,Ukraine, China, Serbia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Morocco

turkish brands clothes

the Company products expended from jeans to other garment categories such like:

Shirts, t-shirts, coats, panties, wool, skirts, accessories, bags, belts, caps and underwear.

ISO – OHSAS quality certificate has obtained

LTB has a radio station for music that broadcast in all LTB stores and also broadcasting in LTB official website

LTB has online store

In addition to clothing, CAK group has other commercial activities such as energy, chemicals, contracting

turkish brands clothes

To investors who may interested in LTB franchise, please get in touch with us for help.


Clothes Brands Turkey

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul | Colin’s

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Clothing Turkish brand started under the slogan
“We strive to make people feel better when acquiring our products and services”

Colin’s offer innovation and quality in their products.
the company has about 600 branches in 38 countries around the world selling men’s, women’s wear and accessories.

Colin’s Start

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Colin’s began in 1983 by a Turkish businessman and his four brothers who founded a small workshop to produced coats and down jackets.

The jeans started in 1986 under the brand name “Kulis”.

The product was widely spread in 1992, producing more than 1500 jeans a day to be renamed again under the Colin’s Jeans brand.

1993 a 10,000 square meter factory was opened and the company began to export jeans for United States Russia – Europe and the Middle East

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Colin’s brand took a different line from other Turkish production lines by marketing.

the company did not copied other international jeans brands, but has designed its own products and tried hard to support its quality to compete with world-renowned brands.

At the end of the 1990s, Colin’s had 6 shops across Turkey and 6 other outlet outside Turkey under new line called Loft.

1997 Colin’s has opened a large shopping center to sell several well-known international brands in Istanbul such as:

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Ralph Lauren, Lee Cooper, Matalan and Liz Clairbon, Levi’s,

Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Next, Polo, GAP.

1998 The factory has grown to 35,000 square meters to be the second largest garment factory in Europe at that time.

Colin’s 2000’s

2003 The factory has expanded to 45,000 square meters with producing capacity for 17 million pieces annually.

2005 Colin’s bought one of the most famous jeans brands in Europe called Big Star to strengthen its reputation internationally.

Currently, Collins has 600 branches, 24,000 employees, and 2000 different jeans model each year

for men’s, women’s and kid’s wear using the most progressive technologies of processing devices.

Colin’s does not only produce jeans but also

coats – shirts – skirts – dresses – shorts – t-shirts – sweaters, overalls, as well as cotton and knitted wear

You can find Colin’s in the following countries:


Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Algeria, Iraq, Qatar, Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine

Yemen, Israel, Germany, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic

Estonia, Georgia, Cyprus, Poland – Romania – Russia – Serbia – Sovakia

Ukraine – Greece – Azerbaijan – China – Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan – Mongolia

Uzbekistan  Tajikistan – Turkmenistan – Dominica – Turkey

Finally, to investors who are interested in Colin’s franchise, please get in touch with us for help.


Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul | SARAR

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Turkish clothes brand was existed in 1944 Iskeshir located between Ankara and Istanbul – Turkey

The company laid by Abdul Rahman Sarar, the founder, started from a small sewing shop with a size of 12 square meters

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Today SARAR has 3 factories with capacity of 120 thousand square meters

the company selling men’s, women’s uniforms as well as accessories.

SARAR competes with high quality brands garment sector and employs more than 5000 professional employees with high quality production


SARAR serves in more than 180 stores in 80 Turkish states
In addition SARAR has outlets abroad distributed in more than 55 countries around the world.

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

In 2000 and to improve marketing results in Europe, Sarar was founded in Dusseldorf, Germany for wholesale and retail sales throughout all Europe

SARAR has opened seven stores in Germany – also opened in Austria – Spain – Belgium – Switzerland – Czech – France

In the United States, SARAR has 19 stores opened between 2002 and 2015:

New Jersey – Fairfield – North Georgia – Las Vegas – Chicago – Virginia – California – Orlando – San Francisco – Elnino – New York

SARAR founded in the Middle East such in Lebanon – Kuwait – Egypt – Saudi Arabia and other countries

SARAR ‘s exports exceed 30 million euros and a turnover of 300 million dollars annually

Economically, SARAR has other business activities outside clothing sector, such as car and spare parts.

In addition SARAR establishing  5 stars hotel in Istanbul.

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

SARAR aims to grow and accelerate in the future and spread around the world more and more.

achieving unconditional customer satisfaction through loyalty, honesty, transparency, trust, flexibility, respect for man, creativity.

Sarar was the official sponsor of local sports teams (Bisktas – Bursa Spor – Trabzon Spor – Galata Saray – Eskisehir Spor) and others team over the last 20 years.

Finally, for investors who interested in SARAR franchise, please contact the company through its official website or contact us for help.

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul


Clothes Brands Turkey

Famous Turkish Fashion Brands

Famous Turkish Fashion Brands | LC Waikiki

Famous Turkish Fashion Brands

Turkish famous clothes brand selling men, women, kids wear features affordable prices and various designs.

In 1988, the French LCW Company founded by French fashion designer Georges Amouyal and his partner, who created the current name.

The name refers to well-known beach in France called “Waikiki”

the LC letters, its refer to french term “les copain” and means the Friends

1997 LC Waikiki continued in Turkey under the umbrella of the current trade name known after purchased from French designer to become a Turkish brand nationality

1997 LCW opened 21 branches in Turkey

Famous Turkish Fashion Brands

Famous Turkish Fashion Brands

LCW 2000s

2000, LC Waikiki relied entirely on its factories and began to expand more and more in its products.

the company met the tastes of big sizes &  teenagers sizes.

2009 LC Waikiki was spreading towards the world and opened the first branch outside Turkey in Romania then to follow opening in 19 other countries 75 branches.

2014 LC Waikiki opened its 100th branch in Bosnia and Herzegovina in September, Mostar city

LCW setting a future plan in 2023 to become the third most successful clothing brand in Europe and in confident , steady steps towards globalization.

2016 LC Waikiki opened a new brand called LCW Home, where you can find what you are looking for while you are at home.

2017 LC Waikiki began to expand in Africa “Kenya” where it seeks to spread

LCW seeks to open new branch every 5 days!

for now LC Waikiki has 824 branches in 37 countries around the world.

Famous Turkish Fashion Brands

Famous Turkish Fashion Brands

LCW Around the world

LCW slogan and philosophy “Everyone deserves to dress well”

the brand is characterized by different, beautiful designs and competitive prices with high quality.

LC Waikiki available in the following countries:

Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Egypt, Georgia, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan,

Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya and Macedonia. – Oman – Bologna

Qatar – Romania – Russia – Serbia – Saudi Arabia – Tajikistan – Tunisia – Turkey – UAE

Famous Turkish Fashion Brands

LC Waikiki Facts & quick information:

85% of LC Waikiki owned by Dizdar and Kucuk family, the rest owned by other families

Statistically LC Waikiki ranks 24th as the largest companies in Turkey in 2016

2nd  in Turkey for the number of employees

LC Waikiki won the award for the best retail chain of clothing in 2017

LC Waikiki has won the best reputation for the trade of ready-made clothes over the course of 3 consecutive years 2015 – 2016 – 2017

The first brand in selling 2017 kids clothes

3rd in Turkey to recruit human cadres


Famous Turkish Fashion Brands | Collezione

Famous Turkish Fashion Brands

Collezione is a well-known retail clothing brand in Turkey

1987 started from Istanbul in Bakirkoy by Akram Akigit, Collezione was producing sale men’s wear only.

1991 began to produce women’s clothing and spread throughout Istanbul

1996 Collezione’s branches in Turkey expanded more and more with the wide production and expansion of its factory.

Famous Turkish Fashion Brands

Famous Turkish Fashion Brands

Today it strives to take the lead in the clothing market by producing 120 new products and 4000 designs per year for men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing, as well as accessories.

Collezione’s marketing plan is for clients between the ages of 15 to 26

In addition to Collezione’s stores in Turkey,the company has branches in 18 countries around the world.

Moldova, Albania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Kosovo, Cyprus, Georgia, Kazakhstan,

as well as countries in the Middle East such as Iraq, Egypt and Jordan.

In figures, Collezione has 211 branches in Turkey and 54 branches outside Turkey

Famous Turkish Fashion Brands

Famous Turkish Fashion Brands

Collezione Franchise System

To open Collezione branch in Turkey or outside Turkey, company’s sets several criteria for franchise System, these standards are:

  1. Has sufficient experience and interested in retail clothing field.
  2. Store location: in the city center, city famous markets or shopping mall center.
  3. The residential area has a population of 250,000, “a vital and commercial area”
  4. Store capacity should be commensurate with the population of the area, 350 square meters minimum
  5. Collezione products only allowed in store “Mono-brand system”
  6. The storefront should be at least 7 meters
  7. Quantity average of product is 35 pieces per 1 square meter
  8. The decoration carried out by a competent team from the Collezione Department or under the management’s tutelage, in accordance with general conditions in accordance with Collezione branches

Famous Turkish Fashion Brands

Famous Turkish Fashion Brands

Whom it may interested can communicate directly with Collezione via e-mail indicated on the official website of company or can request assistance from us.


Clothes Brands Turkey

Turkish Clothes Brands List

Turkish Clothes Brands List | DeFacto

Turkish Clothes Brands List


Ready-made garment selling men, women, kid’s casual wear, accessories and make-up.

The company was established in 2003 and opened its first shops in 2004

DeFacto quickly stepped up to be ranked among the best list of trade names for garments in Turkey in a short period of only 7 years.

Today DeFacto has 329 local branches and 110 branches worldwide, with a total of 439 outlets.

DeFacto strives to launch designs in proportion to the fashion of the country where stores are opened.

The short period in which this brand has spread has given DeFacto strength, confidence to enter clothes world markets.

Turkish Clothes Brands List


First outlet outside of Turkey was in Kazakhstan – February 2012

Today, DeFacto available in the following countries:

Iraq – Egypt – Belarus – Georgia – Russia – Kosovo – Morocco – Albania – Azerbaijan 

Saudi Arabia – Jordan – Tunisia – Bosnia – Palestine – Lebanon – Algeria – Cyprus – Thailand

Each country has its designs tailored to the culture of the country in addition to the designs of local Turkish DeFacto.

DeFacto is launching additional Eco-friendly, recyclable designs

As well as innovative economic designs to suit customers in areas that rely on recycling in their life-cycle.

Turkish Clothes Brands List

Turkish Clothes Brands List

DeFacto tries to be a major player in the fashion and clothing market, globally.

As a plan and future vision, DeFacto aims to open stores in 50 new countries and in 100 countries through e-commerce by 2025.

Quick History

The beginning under the slogan “fashion at affordable prices”

2004 Opening the first outlet

2010 ranking as the second largest brand “ready to wear garment”  in Turkey

2011 Opening a design office in Barcelona, ​​Spain

2012 Opening of an electronic store in addition to the first branch outside Turkey in Kazakhstan and Iraq

2014 Opening of a branch in Minsk for kids clothes

2015 Branch No. 300 opens in Azerbaijan

Target Audience:

Turkish Clothes Brands List

Turkish Clothes Brands List

50% women’s wear

35% men’s wear

15% kid’s wear

DeFacto has all kind of garment like: Chic , Casual , Young , Prom , Swimwear , Maternity , Lingerie

Sportswear , Big size, Homewear.

DeFacto also offering global football licensing.

Franchise System

Turkish Clothes Brands List

You can get in touch with us for assistance or reach directly to DeFacto for full information about franchise process.


Turkish Clothes Brands List | VAKKO

Turkish Clothes Brands List

VAKKO Turkish clothing brand was founded in 1934 by Shin Shabka

1938 The name was changed to VAKKO after opening a small workshop clothes in Istanbul where the beginning.

1962 The first store in the old Istanbul area opened the Beyoglu (close to the famous Taksim Square).

with an additional accessory Cafe and Gallery, it was a unique idea at the time, followed by two outlet in Ankara and Izmir

Turkish Clothes Brands List

1969 VAKKO has opened a factory in Merter – Istanbul with an area of ​​40 thousand square meters Featuring an art gallery with paintings and sculptures by renowned Turkish artists.

the factory features silk printing workshops as well as facilities for the production of men, women ready to wear garments.

1973 VAKKO has opened a new store in Ankara for retail sale.

Turkish Clothes Brands List

VAKKO in 80s

Turkish Clothes Brands List

1981 In honor of Ataturk’s Centenary birth, “Anatolian Sun” stage stunning fashion & art show in Paris, London, Rome, Vienna and Brussels.

1982 The first youth clothes outlet has opened in Istanbul, Incorporating music, art and sport events.

1988 the 50th anniversary of founding VAKKO, the commercial logo updated by the English designer Terence Conran, still in use today.

1989 Turkish VAKKO Chocolate produced as a supplement to the commercial activity of VAKKO

1990 VAKKO perfume introduced in Turkish markets

1992 PowerFM radio “well known today” to play Western music launched by VAKKO

Turkish Clothes Brands List

1993 VAKKO started to open its stores one by one focusing on its own line of shirts, ties and scarves, produced with the ultimate VAKKO quality.

1998 VAKKO began to introduce wedding dresses with all bride’s accessory

in addition to supplying Turkish Airlines staff uniforms and the official formal wear for the Turkish national football team.

VAKKO in 2000s

2000 Opening of the VAKKO shop in Duty Free Zone

Turkish Clothes Brands List

2002 Despite the economical crisis in Turkey, VAKKO continued its business and began producing men’s formal clothing.

2003 Power TV, a music television channel established.

All radio & television stations were consolidated at the Power Media Center

2003 Opening first store outside of Turkey in Hamburg, Germany

2004 VAKKO produced swimwear

Turkish Clothes Brands List

2005 Vakko Cruise established to present unique designs for boats and yachts.

2006 Opening outlet for (bags and shoes) in Nishantesi Istanbul – Ankara

2008 VAKKO factory moved from Merter to Esenyurt – Istanbul

Turkish Clothes Brands List

2009 VAKKO established the line for home and garden equipment

2012 Established VAKKO Library include large collection of books especially for the subject of fashion, the fine arts, architecture, photography and cinema.

2013 VAKKO established Esmod school for mode and fashion.

2013 VAKKO has opened  4000 square meter store in Zorlu Center – Istanbul

2015 designers corners available at Vakko stores.

2016 VAKKO considered as the most prominent Turkish brand associated with luxury.

Turkish Clothes Brands List

Based on VAKKO high prices comparing with other Turkish clothes competitors! wealthy class clients is the audience target

Turkish Clothes Brands List