Wholesale Clothes Turkey

Cheap Turkish Clothes Websites

Cheap Turkish Clothes Websites

Cheap Turkish Clothes Websites | Nickel & Dimes combines markets of Istanbul in one place.

You can find a wide variety of fashion updated on weekly basis.

the prices & models shown in a simple way.

The site contain two sections:

Men’s section combines all kinds of clothes (pants, sportswear, formal, t-shirts, jeans., etc..)

Women’s section (shirt, scarves, blouses, leather clothes, evening dresses, coat, jacket, skirts, tonic, big size, track suit, athlete, tights, overalls, bolero, fur, hijab).

Beside to the above mentioned sections, you can find Buying Guide page and how to make an order.

The models are deleted from the display list after two months of display time.

You can save travel expenses and difficulties of searching.

You do not have to learn the Turkish vocabulary anymore.

Shop with us and leave your next trip to Turkey for recreation only.

Why Turkey?

Turkey is the world leader in the production and export of garments as a country that combines the cheap price and high quality.

It competes with Europe at prices and China in quality.

If you are a clothing dealer and like to import from Turkey for the first time.

Or if you have prior experience but want the most appropriate source of dealing. this article is helpful.

Istanbul is the capital of Turkish economy. Istanbul clothing markets are distributed north and south!

Following are most important cheap clothes markets:

Osmanbey –  Laleli – Merter – Zeytinbornu

Many other addresses located in Istanbul but you need more than 2 weeks to roam and find what you are looking for in the above mentioned addresses.

Handling with many suppliers in those markets will simplify your searching because we are doing our best to combine all Istanbul clothes markets in one place.

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