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Buying Guide

Import Clothes Turkey

Import Clothes Turkey | for a clear and accurate shipping calculation, it is important to determine the quantity you want to buy.

 The minimum purchase amount of each product can be found at the product information on our website.

Import Clothes Turkey

Most products have 4 different sizes, some of them have a standard size.

Good To Consider

The method of importing varies from one country to another depending on the facilities of the importing country.

If any country places restrictions on imports, the importer is obliged to pay additional taxes comparing with the countries of free trade with Turkey.

Buying Guide

The time that we need to put the order into process varies between 2 to 4 days. It depends on the quantity of order.

When a client recommend to work with a reliable freight company, it is possible for us to cooperate with that company too.


Shipping Costs

Air Freight costs are approximately 4-8 USD per kilo and the delivery takes 3-5 days.

Ocean Fright costs are approximately 2-4 USD per kilo and the delivery takes 2-4 weeks.

Some shipping companies include clearance charges with freight cost and others do that against extra fees (depends on shipping company’s policy and country).

Such an inverse proportion between quantity – freight cost “ as much as quantity is big; shipping cost is cheaper” and if the quantity is lower than 20kg sometime we handle this via DHL.


Payment Method

We accept only payment in advance.

For questions about our products and the ordering process, please contact us.

Order Sequence and Purchase

1- specify code numbers of the models you need with the quantity required in order to calculate the total cost of the order
2 -Make payment for 50% of total amount of Proforma invoice.

3- Shipping against transfer notice for the remaining amount.