Wholesale Clothing Store In Turkey – Istanbul

Istanbul Wholesale Market

Istanbul wholesale market, The women’s garment section includes all women’s wear types based on the cheap price not on the category of clothing as in other websites.

70% of the wholesale prices are under 5 Dollars , the models are renewed weekly.

We offer all Turkish fashion for women like “shirt, scarves, blouses, leather clothes,  evening dresses, coat, jacket, skirts, tonic, big size, track suit, athlete, tights, overalls, bolero, fur, hijab” made of all kinds of fabrics. Cotton, velvet, wool, Turkish leather at a cheap prices and good quality.

Women’s Garment in Istanbul

We delete all models offered two months ago in order to preserve the diversity, novelty and satisfaction of all tastes.

Our website is easy and simple to navigate.

Only press on code of the model to browse the rest of the colors and shapes.

Browsing with Windows is faster than Android (smart phones)

Select the quantity required to buy and give us a call or email , best online shopping store for clothing

We ship to all over the world