Wholesale Clothes Turkey

Supplier Cheap Clothes Turkey

Supplier Cheap Clothes Turkey

Supplier Cheap Clothes Turkey | All the information you need about opening clothing shop using Turkish textile is available in this article

Let start with the cost, which is most important issue to give a decision to keep going or disregard the idea.

Cost for Opening a Fashion Shop Using Turkish Products

Based on wholesale prices we have on the site you can start your project with a budget of $ 5000- $ 10,000

The average of $ 1000 you can buy around 100 pieces based on our prices, please have a look here

Consider that Turkish clothes is cheap compared with European clothes as well as the quality is good & designs are attractive.

The mentioned budget above does not include the cost of decoration or fees of renting a shop

As these costs are vary between countries, regions, and market places

In addition, shop capacity takes an important role in costs estimation

Thus, we will estimate the price of products only

Dealers can find all needed criteria here such like:

big collection – nice designs – good quality – affordable prices

After taking into account the cost of goods, the next step is how to import

Supplier Cheap Clothes Turkey

How to Import clothes from us?

The cargo companies we deal with is carrying out the customs clearance and they deliver your order until your address!

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping cost varies according to the weight and quantity of the required goods

Also vary according to the country

The shipping method also plays a role in determining the cost

Air freight is the most expensive shipping way then land freight finally sea freight.

As much as the quantity you have ordered is big , shipping cost will be small

Simply because the total shipping cost distribute to the number of items you have imported

So if the weights is less than 10 kilos the total cost get higher per item, almost 8 euro per kilo.

And if the weight is more than 30 kilos, the cost per one kilo will be around 5 euro

Therefore, the cost of shipping can be estimated only by the quantity of your order.

In short, to avoid any financial problems in your project, good to add 30% of your capital as shipping charges (10000$+30%)

Supplier Cheap Clothes Turkey

How to place an order from us?

After you finish reading this article you can start from the top menu

The top menu includes men section – women section

Choose the section you like and start browsing,

Each page has a 12 different model

Each model contains several colors and sub-models

Press the model number to expand sub-models and details

You can provide us with the code & the quantity you want to import

Continue browsing till the end of pages

we have 8-10 pages in the women clothes section

and 5-8 pages in the men clothes section

no need to indicate the sizes you need because wholesaling is generally conditional on taking all the available sizes.

Providing us with pictures of the model is good to avoid mistakes in your order

After choosing all the numbers you need you can send us an e-mail with your order list

We will prepare a Proforma invoice upon receiving your email

We can confirm your order only by receiving a payment notification in advance

Depending on the quantity you have ordered, order process take around 3 days

We need your address too for shipping

The delivery time take around 5 to 7 working days

Supplier Cheap Clothes Turkey

Good to Consider

Whenever you receive the goods you must give prices for each single item.

Before giving the final price you must consider the place of your shop whether in traditional or   expensive market / shopping mall center

Simply if the price is not comply with your shop location, you will face difficulties to sell your products

Also good to know that women’s wear make better sales than men’s wear

Attractive decoration and appropriate bright lighting plays a good role in people eye-catching

Supplier Cheap Clothes Turkey

10% of the store capacity must be counted as a warehouse in order to save the seasonal goods

Hard working, patience are very important elements to get success in your business plan.

Supplier Cheap Clothes Turkey