Clothes Brands Turkey

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul | Colin’s

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Clothing Turkish brand started under the slogan
“We strive to make people feel better when acquiring our products and services”

Colin’s offer innovation and quality in their products.
the company has about 600 branches in 38 countries around the world selling men’s, women’s wear and accessories.

Colin’s Start

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Colin’s began in 1983 by a Turkish businessman and his four brothers who founded a small workshop to produced coats and down jackets.

The jeans started in 1986 under the brand name “Kulis”.

The product was widely spread in 1992, producing more than 1500 jeans a day to be renamed again under the Colin’s Jeans brand.

1993 a 10,000 square meter factory was opened and the company began to export jeans for United States Russia – Europe and the Middle East

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Colin’s brand took a different line from other Turkish production lines by marketing.

the company did not copied other international jeans brands, but has designed its own products and tried hard to support its quality to compete with world-renowned brands.

At the end of the 1990s, Colin’s had 6 shops across Turkey and 6 other outlet outside Turkey under new line called Loft.

1997 Colin’s has opened a large shopping center to sell several well-known international brands in Istanbul such as:

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Ralph Lauren, Lee Cooper, Matalan and Liz Clairbon, Levi’s,

Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Next, Polo, GAP.

1998 The factory has grown to 35,000 square meters to be the second largest garment factory in Europe at that time.

Colin’s 2000’s

2003 The factory has expanded to 45,000 square meters with producing capacity for 17 million pieces annually.

2005 Colin’s bought one of the most famous jeans brands in Europe called Big Star to strengthen its reputation internationally.

Currently, Collins has 600 branches, 24,000 employees, and 2000 different jeans model each year

for men’s, women’s and kid’s wear using the most progressive technologies of processing devices.

Colin’s does not only produce jeans but also

coats – shirts – skirts – dresses – shorts – t-shirts – sweaters, overalls, as well as cotton and knitted wear

You can find Colin’s in the following countries:


Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Algeria, Iraq, Qatar, Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine

Yemen, Israel, Germany, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic

Estonia, Georgia, Cyprus, Poland – Romania – Russia – Serbia – Sovakia

Ukraine – Greece – Azerbaijan – China – Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan – Mongolia

Uzbekistan  Tajikistan – Turkmenistan – Dominica – Turkey

Finally, to investors who are interested in Colin’s franchise, please get in touch with us for help.


Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul | SARAR

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Turkish clothes brand was existed in 1944 Iskeshir located between Ankara and Istanbul – Turkey

The company laid by Abdul Rahman Sarar, the founder, started from a small sewing shop with a size of 12 square meters

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Today SARAR has 3 factories with capacity of 120 thousand square meters

the company selling men’s, women’s uniforms as well as accessories.

SARAR competes with high quality brands garment sector and employs more than 5000 professional employees with high quality production


SARAR serves in more than 180 stores in 80 Turkish states
In addition SARAR has outlets abroad distributed in more than 55 countries around the world.

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

In 2000 and to improve marketing results in Europe, Sarar was founded in Dusseldorf, Germany for wholesale and retail sales throughout all Europe

SARAR has opened seven stores in Germany – also opened in Austria – Spain – Belgium – Switzerland – Czech – France

In the United States, SARAR has 19 stores opened between 2002 and 2015:

New Jersey – Fairfield – North Georgia – Las Vegas – Chicago – Virginia – California – Orlando – San Francisco – Elnino – New York

SARAR founded in the Middle East such in Lebanon – Kuwait – Egypt – Saudi Arabia and other countries

SARAR ‘s exports exceed 30 million euros and a turnover of 300 million dollars annually

Economically, SARAR has other business activities outside clothing sector, such as car and spare parts.

In addition SARAR establishing  5 stars hotel in Istanbul.

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul

SARAR aims to grow and accelerate in the future and spread around the world more and more.

achieving unconditional customer satisfaction through loyalty, honesty, transparency, trust, flexibility, respect for man, creativity.

Sarar was the official sponsor of local sports teams (Bisktas – Bursa Spor – Trabzon Spor – Galata Saray – Eskisehir Spor) and others team over the last 20 years.

Finally, for investors who interested in SARAR franchise, please contact the company through its official website or contact us for help.

Turkish Clothing Brands Istanbul