Wholesale Clothing Store In Turkey – Istanbul

About Us

About Nickel Dimes

As Nickel & Dimes: we are working on a wholesale basis only.

To make sure the variety of client’s request we are dealing with many clothing suppliers.

also; we consider the low price and good quality.

 turkish wholesale clothing suppliers

Turkish Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

Nickel & Dimes sells clothes for men and women .

All fashion, all types”Pants, Sweaters, Skirts, Pajamas, Coats, Dress, Jeans, Sports and Casual clothes. made of cotton, wool, leather, chamois” are made in turkey.

Our Mission:

Wholesale clothing dealers who are looking for clothing supplier in Turkey without difficulties and expenses of travel, also sans efforts of searching for the good price and reliable business relations, they can reach to what they are looking for via our website.